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Complaints Policy


Our aim is to offer the highest possible standard of service to our clients and customers on every occasion, and, whilst we strive to achieve this, we recognise that problems can still arise, and mistakes may be made and that you may wish to make a complaint about our services.


Every year we deliver many successful projects to clients, however, every so often a client or a customer may not be completely satisfied with the level of service or quality they have received.


In these cases we have this complaints procedure in place to make it easy for you to raise an issue and make us aware of your dissatisfaction.  


If the delivery team aren’t able to deal with it directly with you, we have a formal process enabling the complaint to be escalated. 


We take all complaints seriously and want to be able to have the opportunity to learn from them. Taking the time to tell us can help us to review and improve our service to you.


We will treat your complaint confidentially and swiftly.


If you wish to complain

If you decide to make a formal complaint, we encourage you to speak to us in the first instance.  This allows us the opportunity to work with you to resolve the matter.  We are committed to addressing all complaints as quickly as possible, ensuring your concerns are heard and acted upon promptly.


How to complain

In each of the below cases, the admin team will take the details of the complaint and pass it on to the relevant manager to investigate and respond.


By telephone:
01582 578304


By email:

By post:
FAO Administration Team
Neville Special Projects
311 Marsh Road 
LU3 2RZ.


Stages and timescales        

We have a four-stage complaints process:
Stage 1: Acknowledgement
Stage 2: Investigation
Stage 3: Response and resolution
Stage 4: Appeal


Stage 1 – Acknowledgement: We aim to acknowledge a complaint in writing (either via email or post) within five working days of receiving it.


Stage 2 – Investigation: During this stage, the investigating manager may need to request further information to enable them to fully understand your complaint and continue their internal investigations.


Stage 3 – Response and resolution: Our investigation should be completed within 20 working days of receiving a complaint and a suitable resolution proposed.  During this period, we may need to correspond on an ongoing basis to request additional information and/or to discuss the proposed resolution.


Stage 4 – Appeal: If the proposed resolution is not accepted, you should communicate an appeal to us in writing within 10 working days of receipt of the proposed resolution.

All complaints are reported to the Board of Directors and reviewed each month at the board meetings.

Your right to privacy

All complaints received will be handled confidentially and in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.

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