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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes that are designed to help employers train people for specific job roles. Apprentices get a paid job, gaining working experience and getting trained, while they work towards a nationally recognised qualification.


What levels of apprenticeship are there?

Intermediate - Level 2 - Equivalent to 5 GCSE passes

Advanced - Level 3 - Equivalent to 2 A Level passes

Higher - Level 4 & 5 - Equivalent to a Foundation degree

Degree - Level 6 & 7 - Equivalent to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree


The level of the qualification will depend on the apprentice’s job role and if they are able to demonstrate and acquire the skills, knowledge and behaviours set out in the qualification.

How long does it take to complete an apprenticeship?

It can take anything from 12 months to six years to complete dependent on the level of qualification that you are undertaking. On site apprenticeships are not reliant on colleges but college based, and degree apprenticeships are determined by the educational year.


What is the apprenticeship application process?

  1. Online submission of a covering email/letter and up to date CV to

  2. Candidates will be invited to an interview with our interview panel, which will be with those who are involved in the apprenticeship programme

  3. If you are successful at interview you will be invited for a working assessment to meet the team and undertake some industry related tasks


What is the career development like?

​You will be assigned a mentor who will either be your line manager or a suitable qualified or experienced colleague. They will support you alongside the HR department to ensure that you achieve your goals during your apprenticeship. They will be available to answer questions and give you assistance. You will have regular meetings with your college/tutor/assessor and the HR department which will provide you with feedback and guidance on any areas that need further development.


Will I have time to study for my apprenticeship?

Yes – if you are undertaking an office based apprenticeship you will have the opportunity to dedicate some time to your studies. Site based apprentices will also get the same opportunity for dedicated time although in both instances it is expected that there will be additional study to do in your own time also.


Applications are open from 1st March 2023, with interviews taking place during June 2023.

Please send a covering letter and your CV to

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