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Neville Special Projects' Latest Transformation Project

Neville Special Projects conversion of a former railway building in Glyn Square, Wolverton has started. This is a lottery funded refurbishment for Unity MK (MK Night Shelter) who wish to use the current space, a warehouse traditional brick construction built in 1954 and used lately as a furniture store, to be refurbished as a day care centre for the homeless.  The space has a two-storey office block to the front as well as another two-storey building with twin pitched roofs and rooflights running west to east over the warehouse space. Phase one is the replacement of rooflights and roof coverings, making good to damaged brickwork and clearing the small, contained yard area. The fire escape and most external doors are also being replaced, as well as a new security system being installed.


The work is progressing well, and the building now has its scaffold wrap completed and the demolition phase has commenced. Over the next week the existing roof covering and four rows of old rooflights will start to be stripped to enable a new insulated roof to be installed with a new electrically controlled rooflight system.

Neville Special Projects are proud to be working with Unity MK, whose mission is to end homelessness in Milton Keynes on this project, for more information on Unity MK you can visit their website here.



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